Mission and values


Appropriate learning experiences

Students are to be presented with realistic and socially valid situations which will build self-esteem and be physically and emotionally rewarding. Learning experiences will offer involvement through a variety of opportunities resulting in positive outcomes and pride developed in personal achievement. Curriculum and teaching practices will be challenging and focus on functionality.


In terms of educational and behavioural outcomes, high yet realistic expectations are realised through the collective expertise of staff who deliver a consistent approach to program delivery in the pursuit of excellence.

Opportunity for all

Every student is to have equal access to school resources. The development of an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is the right of every student, as it is recognised, all have the ability to learn. Regardless of disability, each student will be offered and included in all learning experiences (group or individual) at an appropriate level. Such non-discriminative involvement promotes self-esteem, a sense of belonging and encourages their development into valued members of society.


The whole school staff is continually involved in working towards shared goals. The respect shown for individual and collective expertise, mutual support, trust and co-operation, open communication and easy camaraderie reflect this.

Community spirit

Close parent/teacher communication is integral to the overall development of each student, ensuring there is a strong focus on working collaboratively with students, parents and the wider community. The many resources within our local community are utilised, with the school supporting and participating in a variety of community service programs.

The staff of Currimundi Special School have been traditionally very experienced, both in their expertise in the field of Special Education and in their years of experience. Furthermore, the staff have worked together as a close unit, with particular emphasis on whole school management practices and whole school processes. The staff explore cutting edge practices in all areas of teaching and learning to provide greater opportunities for students.

The strong level of teamwork that exists in our school is due to the capacity and ability each staff member has to give of themselves to the team. To do this we, as individuals, must continue to ask, how we can contribute to the team.

Community aspects

Because of the size of the catchment area of the school, the wide socio-economic and cultural backgrounds of the school community reflect those aspects of the entire Sunshine Coast. Population growth in the southern part of the Sunshine Coast has resulted in rapid growth in our student population.

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is very active in promoting the school. Even though this group is usually quite small in number, they receive strong support from the parent population of the school in all fund-raising activities.

Parents participate actively in the ICP and ILP process and, as such, are very supportive of the school. As a result of this, an excellent relationship exists between school staff and parents.

Last reviewed 01 April 2019
Last updated 01 April 2019